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Здравушкины рецепты. Сладости для радости! Мицкевич О.
Здравушкины рецепты. Сладости для радости!
В этой книге, написанной в лёгкой юмористической форме, представлено более 50 уникальных авторских рецептов сладких блюд. Вы узнаете, как заготовить наиболее ценные витамины для всей семьи на целый год, а также сможете сами, своими руками приготовить лакомства не только вкусные, но и очень полезные для здоровья. Для широкого круга читателей....
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Cake Pops Bakes B. Molly M.
Cake Pops
Cake pops are the hot new thing in baking. A ball of cake, dipped in chocolate, lovingly decorated, and best of all... on a stick you can hold! Get creative with these gorgeous little treats, which make the perfect gift. There are loads of different flavours, from classic chocolate to adventurous peanut butter....
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The Ice Cream Sandwiches Book Donna D. Egan E.
The Ice Cream Sandwiches Book
Ice cream sandwiches are the scrumptious new hit with foodie lovers everywhere. Inside this prettily packaged book are 50 easy-to-make recipes for ice cream fillings, simple cookies in a variety of tempting flavours and instructions for preparing and assembling them into delicious, unique sandwiches....
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Chocolate Bakes B. Molly M.
Chocolate is a magical ingredient. Everyone loves eating it. And if you can cook with it, your baking will rise to a whole new level. But – here’s an untold secret – cooking with chocolate can be incredibly easy. Here Molly Bakes shares with us 50 of her favourite recipes for chocolate treats that are stylish, playful and totally delicious....
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Настольная книга вареньевара Дидуренко М.
Настольная книга вареньевара
В этой книге собраны самые интересные техники варки сладких заготовок. Вы сможете научиться создавать новое или использовать уже готовые рецепты. Кроме того, вы узнаете, какая посуда лучше всего подходит для варки варений. Каким образом лучше всего варить те или иные ягоды, овощи, фрукты, орехи и травы....
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It\"s magic! Nothing feels like JELL-O in your mouth, dances like JELL-O on your plate, or goes from simple to sophisticated so easily. The 100 recipes in this unique cookbook celebrate all things JELL-O, from the classics that never grow old to modern ideas for simple yet sensational treats like Trifle and Cappuccino Cups....
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Sweet Alchemy Frankeny p. Pura Y.
Sweet Alchemy
Yigit Pura is a sugar fiend . . . and a pastry dynamo! His striking desserts have sparked excitement and devotion throughout his career, from the top pastry kitchens of New York and San Francisco to the winner\"s podium on Top Chef: Just Desserts....
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Theo Chocolate is dedicated to making the world a better place. Founded on the belief that we are all responsible to and for one another, this is the story of how Theo Chocolate puts that belief into action every day....
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Everyone\"s favorite childhood sweet is breaking new ground in Treat. This gifty cookbook has more than 40 inventive recipes for treats that offer a delicious spin on the traditional gooey, crunchy, marshmallowy sweet....
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Cake Pops: Jack-O`-Lanterns Bakerella B.
Cake Pops: Jack-O`-Lanterns
Cake pops have taken the world by storm thanks to the one and only Bakerella. And these adorable, 1-project kits for those in a hurry to have fun and impress provide the perfect way to join the party. With simple decorating instructions these little jack-o-lanterns can be either silly or spooky....
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Cake Pops: Frosty Friends Bakerella B.
Cake Pops: Frosty Friends
Cake pops have taken the world by storm thanks to the one and only Bakerella. And these adorable, 1-project kits for those in a hurry to have fun and impress provide the perfect way to join the party. The cute little snowman in this project boasts ear muffs and a snuggly scarf....
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Cake Pops: Spring Chicks Bakerella B.
Cake Pops: Spring Chicks
This singles kit contains enough sticks, cello bags, gift tags, and ribbon to make 24 Cupcake Pops. Housed in a small, compact box, this new format is perfect for those wanting to try making cake pops without committing to an entire book....
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No matter how it\"s prepared--in a Chocolate Lava Cake or a bite-sized Orange Liqueur Praline--nothing says decadence like chocolate. For anyone who can\"t get enough of this most delicious of all ingredients--and that\"s EVERYONE, of course--this cookbook is absolute heaven....
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With this new book from the very popular Food Network Magazine, you\"ll be able to whip up sweet and visually stunning cakes, cookies, cupcakes, candy, and frozen treats. Collected for the first time from the magazine, these recipes include all-new headnotes, tips, and variations....
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Десерты и напитки в будни и праздники .
Десерты и напитки в будни и праздники
Предлагаем вашему вниманию книгу \\\"Десерты и напитки в будни и праздники\\\". Издание снабжено полезными советами и цветными фотографиями приготовленных блюд....
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