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Binder S., Life Insurance in Asia

2009 г., 244 стр., 9780470824405

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Unquestionably, this is one of the most comprehensive analyses of the Asian life insurance landscape I have ever read. Stephan and Joe have written an outstanding book, presenting deep insights and highlighting the challenges and opportunities in Asia. Life insurance in Asia will go through significant changes in the next decade and there are enormous opportunities—but only for those who are well prepared. — Peter Ma, Chairman, Ping An Group Practical, insightful and well–organized. Joe?s and Stephan?s book is a must–read for anyone who wants to understand the opportunities and challenges of life insurance in Asia in this age of turbulence and crisis. Their book is rich with deep and colorful examples across Asia. Highly recommended! — Eugene Wu, Chairman, Shin Kong Life Asia continues to present and unprecedented growth opportunity in life insurance. Stephan Binder and Joe Ngai are giving a very comprehensive overview of the various Asian markets and...

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