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Palmiotti J.

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Deadpool Classic - Volume 7 Palmiotti J. Scalera B.
Deadpool Classic - Volume 7
It\'s a cruel summer when Deadpool takes on the mob! Hired by a dirty cop to kill six Mafia dons, Deadpool soon falls for his contact, a beautiful tattoo artist - but all is not as it seems. Then, Deadpool gets an unwelcome sidekick, the youthful Pool Boy - but will the partnership kill them both?...
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Marvel Westerns HC Gray J. Kesel K. Lente F. McCann J. Palmiotti J. Parker J. Slott D. Steve S.
Marvel Westerns HC
Marvel\'s masked men ride again in all-new tales by a posse of today\'s most talented creators! It\'s the raucous return of Two-Gun Kid, Hurricane, Red Wolf, the Man From Fort Rango, Kid Colt, Arizona Annie, the Black Rider, Gunhawk and more! And introducing the Philadelphia Philly and Spender!...
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Ash Omnibus Augustyn B. Nicieza F. Palmiotti J. Quesada J. Ra H. Robinson J. Waid M.
Ash Omnibus
Ash is the super-hero alter-ego of fictional firefighter Ashley Quinn, who was \"born\" from a mysterious incident when Ashley was trapped inside a burning building. Ash has the ability to use various flame-based weapons, including blades that can be made from fire by his gauntlets....
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Civil War: Heroes For Hire Gray J. Palmiotti J.
Civil War: Heroes For Hire
As Civil War rages throughout the Marvel Universe, an unlikely group of heroes have gathered together to hunt down and capture criminals who refuse to sign the Registration Act....
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Back To Brooklyn Volume 1 Ennis G. Palmiotti J. Vukelic M.
Back To Brooklyn Volume 1
The controversial, over-the-top crime-thriller, Back to Brooklyn, is finally collected! Big Bob Saetta made the biggest mistake of his life by pissing off his brother, one of the biggest and most brutal crime bosses in New York City. This is the story of two brothers at war, wrapped in a special package of extreme language and hardcore violence....
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Jonah Hex: No Way Back Gray J. Palmiotti J.
Jonah Hex: No Way Back
One of the most feared bounty hunters in the West, Jonah Hex has spent his entire life roaming from town to town searching for his next paycheck and earning it with a fierceness that\'s earned him a reputation for being a stern dealer of frontier justice....
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Random Acts of Violence Gray J. Palmiotti J.
Random Acts of Violence
RANDOM ACTS OF VIOLENCE is the blood soaked story of two comic creators and their ultimate horror character creation gone very bad....
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Power Girl: A New Beginning Gray J. Palmiotti J.
Power Girl: A New Beginning
The fan-favorite writing team of Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray (JONAH HEX, TERRA) team with popular aritst Amanda Conner (JSA CLASSIFIED, TERRA) for the rip-roaring solo adventures of Power Girl. She bursts from the pages of the JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA to star in her own series....
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Jonah Hex: Six Gun War Gray J. Palmiotti J.
Jonah Hex: Six Gun War
Hideously scarred and tougher than dirt, Jonah Hex burned a trail across the wild west as a bounty hunter and gun for hire taking on the most dangerous of contracts and leaving in his wake a trail of the dead. Now, Quentin Turnbull is out for vengeance on the man he believes is responsible for killing his son - and that man is Jonah Hex!...
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Queen Crab HC Eiguren A. Palmiotti J.
Queen Crab HC
In the tradition of David Lynch and Stephen King comes the story of a young woman dealing with the insanity of the world around her. Meet Ginger, a twenty-something office girl that lives her life one boring day at a time - until on her wedding night, her new husband tries to kill her...and it goes horribly wrong!...
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Daughters Of The Dragon: Samurai Bullets TPB (Daughters of the Dragon) Evans K. Gray J. Palmiotti J.
Daughters Of The Dragon: Samurai Bullets TPB (Daughters of the Dragon)
Bounty hunters Misty Knight and Colleen Wing star in this sexy action thriller, the latest project from writers Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti - an entertaining mix of gritty action, biting comedy and sharp visuals provided by talented newcomer Khari Evans....
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Jonah Hex Vol. 1: Face Full of Violence Palmiotti J.
Jonah Hex Vol. 1: Face Full of Violence
Grotesquely deformed cowboys don\'t die, they come back to fight another day in the hands of another batch of artists. Jonah Hex-scarred, ruthless bounty hunter with a conscience, the \"thinking man\'s killer\"-has survived numerous revivals, thanks to his enigmatic moral code and utter fearlessness....
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