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Assault on New Olympus #1 Buchemi R. Lente F. Pak G.
Assault on New Olympus #1
Hercules! Spider-Man! Ares! New Avengers! Wolverine! Mighty Avengers! The Agents of Atlas! If there\"s a bigger event this fall, we don\"t know what it could be!...
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Alpha Flight #3 Lente F. Pak G.
Alpha Flight #3
Having escaped imprisonment at the hands of the corrupt Unity Party, Alpha Flight find themselves hunted by the government they\"d sworn to protect....
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Weird Detective Lente F.
Weird Detective
The streets of New York have been plagued by a pattern of crimes too weird and bizarre for the average detective. Lurking in the evidence are shadows of loathsome horrors from beyond space and time, seeking to usher in the unimaginable evil of the Old Ones. And the only man capable of fighting against the unspeakable terrors isn’t a man at all....
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Conan: Shadows Over Kush Lente F.
Conan: Shadows Over Kush
Writer Fred Van Lente leads the way for the world\'s most famous barbarian! Conan drinks himself into a stupor of grief while in the troubled city of Shumballa - until a brazen act of thievery against him sends the Cimmerian into a witch-hunt full of adventure, demons, and rebellion!...
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Iron Man: Comic Reader 2 Lente F.
Iron Man: Comic Reader 2
The Plantman is using the Creeping Doom to end the domination of animals over the Earth, and only Iron Man can stop him in time! Then: Spymaster has seized remote control of Iron Man\'s armor (with Tony Stark still inside it) and sent him on a rampage of destruction through New York!...
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Iron Man: Comic Reader 1 Lente F.
Iron Man: Comic Reader 1
When the entire workforce of Stark China simply vanishes, Iron Man jets out to investigate. He soon discovers that they\'ve been shanghaied to build The Mandarin\'s latest technological horror: a 1,000-foot long dragon ship that lays waste to everything in its path... including the Armored Avenger!...
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Fear Itself: The Home Front Chaykin H. Gage C. Lente F. Milligan P.
Fear Itself: The Home Front
Speedball hopes to fi nd penance for his sins by volunteering alongside residents of Stamford, Connecticut, under an assumed name. When the other volunteers discover his identity, they demand bloody retribution - but the arrival of superhuman criminals escaped from the Raft super-max prison puts the whole city in danger....
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Halo: Blood Line Lente F.
Halo: Blood Line
Based on the Best-Selling X-Box game! Blood Line is the top-secret unconventional warfare unit of the United Nations Space Command\'s Office of Naval Intelligence, engaging in sabotage and assassination missions deep inside Covenant space....
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Marvel's The Avengers: The Avengers Initiative (Marvel's the Avengers Digest) Lente F.
Marvel's The Avengers: The Avengers Initiative (Marvel's the Avengers Digest)
The perfect introduction to Marvel\'s The Avengers movie! All your favorite characters from the film packed into one digest! Meet the incredible cast of the Avengers Initiative: Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye! The perfect introduction to Marvel\'s The Avengers movie!...
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Marvel's the Avengers: Black Widow Strikes Lente F.
Marvel's the Avengers: Black Widow Strikes
A brand-new Black Widow solo adventure from the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Before Natasha assembles with the Avengers Initiative, see her in this hard-hitting espionage adventure set between the events of IRON MAN 2 and MARVEL\'S THE AVENGERS!COLLECTING: Marvel\'s The ...
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Spider-Man: Spider-Island Companion (Spider-Man (Graphic Novels)) Lente F. Pak G. Spencer N. Tobin P.
Spider-Man: Spider-Island Companion (Spider-Man (Graphic Novels))
Welcome to Spider-Island! Hope you survive the experience! Longtime Spider-foe the Jackal has unleashed an insidious virus upon New York City; now, Manhattan is crawling with a million people possessing all the powers of Spider-Man - but none of the responsibility!...
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Chaos War: Avengers Dematteis J. Lente F. Oeming M.
Chaos War: Avengers
The Vision, Captain Mar-Vell. Yellowjacket. Deathcry. Swordsman. Dr. Druid. All lost their lives in the line of duty...or in disgrace....
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Chaos War Lente F. Pak G.
Chaos War
Bigger than THE INFINITY GAUNTLET! More cosmic than ANNIHILATION! Since the end of SECRET INVASION, the CHAOS KING has amassed his army of alien slave gods -- and the time to strike Earth is NOW! Only the greatest Marvel heroes can oppose him - all led by the newly-returned god of heroes- HERCULES!...
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Iron Man: Industrial Revolution Lente F.
Iron Man: Industrial Revolution
Come back with us to a time when Tony Stark lost his company and his fortune to his greatest enemy, Obadiah Stane....
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Tales from the Crypt #6: You-Tomb (Tales from the Crypt Graphic Novels) Lansdale J. Lente F. Salicrup J.
Tales from the Crypt #6: You-Tomb (Tales from the Crypt Graphic Novels)
What could possibly be better than the latest collection of fear-filled tales and his fellow GhouLunatics, the Old Witch, and the Vault-Keeper? Well, how about more stories than ever? That’s what you get when you combine the thrills and chills of TALES FROM THE CRYPT with the short and funny style of online videos....
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