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Dematteis J.

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Justice League: Gods and Monsters Dematteis J.
Justice League: Gods and Monsters
From the animated film comes a written adaptation of JUSTICE LEAGUE: GODS AND MONSTERS. In this alternate universe, the Justice League isn’t a team of the world’s greatest superheroes who protect the Earth from evil and save it from disaster....
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Larfleeze: Volume 1: Revolt of the Orange Lanterns Dematteis J. Giffen K.
Larfleeze: Volume 1: Revolt of the Orange Lanterns
Larfleeze has been the sole wielder of the orange light of avarice for millennia, and that\"s just the way he likes it. After all, why should the great Larfleeze have to share his power? That is until someone steals all his precious belongings right out from under him - including his ring\"s power battery!...
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Justice League Dark: Volume 6: Lost in Forever Dematteis J.
Justice League Dark: Volume 6: Lost in Forever
Swamp Thing. Zatanna. Frankenstein. Madame Xanadu. Deadman. Black Orchid. Vampire Andrew Bennett. Nightmare Nurse. Once they were the Justice League Dark, defending Earth against supernatural threats. Now they are nowhere — and nowhen....
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Booster Gold: Past Imperfect Dematteis J. Giffen K.
Booster Gold: Past Imperfect
When a mysterious figure from Booster’s past resurfaces, our hero’s life is turned upside down and inside out, and only a trip through the timestream can set things straight....
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Spider-Man: Dying Wish Dematteis J. Meter J. Slott D.
Spider-Man: Dying Wish
Dr. Octopus was given a year to live, his body in terminal decline after a lifetime of brutal battles against Spider-Man. So the brilliant madman used that time as you might expect. First, he mobilized an army of Octobots to take over Manhattan. Then, he assembled six sinister villains to abduct Norman Osborn\'s child....
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Brooklyn Dreams Dematteis J.
Brooklyn Dreams
The complete four-issue tale of Vincent Carl Santini\'\'s youthful experiences are re-presented under hardcover in this collection of J.M. DeMatteis and Glenn Barr\'\'s Brooklyn Dreams....
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Chaos War: Avengers Dematteis J. Lente F. Oeming M.
Chaos War: Avengers
The Vision, Captain Mar-Vell. Yellowjacket. Deathcry. Swordsman. Dr. Druid. All lost their lives in the line of duty...or in disgrace....
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Hero Squared, Vol 3: Love and Death Dematteis J. Giffen K.
Hero Squared, Vol 3: Love and Death
It\'s the return of Captain Valor, his parallel-world alter-ego, Milo, and at least one homicidal ex-girlfriend! DeMatteis\' and Giffen\'s geeeenius super-hero series Hero Sqared is back for a finale that will leave you gobsmacked! Interested in checking outHero Squared but never had the chance?...
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Spider-Man: The Complete Clone Saga Epic: Book 1 DeFalco T. Dematteis J. Kavanagh T. Mackie H.
Spider-Man: The Complete Clone Saga Epic: Book 1
The Jackal is back, and Spider-Man is beside himself again! Where did the Spider-duplicate come from, and where has he been? Is he Peter Parker\'s dark side...or his better half? Everyone wants answers, and the cloaked killer Kaine is ready to rip them out of whoever has them! Plus: Venom and Vermin! Carnage and Chameleon! New allies, new enemies....
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