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Wong J.

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Approximations for Digital Computers Hastings C. Wayward J. Wong J.
Approximations for Digital Computers
Numerical analysts and computer operators in all fields will welcome this publication in book form of Cecil Hastings' well-known approximations for digital computers, formerly issued in loose sheets and available only to a limited number of specialists. In a new method that combines judgment and intuition with mathematics, Mr....
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Servo-pneumatic Systems Saleem A. Wong J.
Servo-pneumatic Systems
Substantial research efforts have been spent over the last two decades on improving the modelling, control, and design of pneumatic systems, which resulted in a potential growth for their market....
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Banking in Asia: Acquiring a Profit Mindset, Revised Edition Bowers T. Gibb G. Wong J.
Banking in Asia: Acquiring a Profit Mindset, Revised Edition
The banking markets of Asia contain some of the largest opportunities in the world. These riches, however, come with risks and volatility. As the Asian banking markets try to leapfrog their way into the 21st century, boom-bust cycles will reoccur....
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China's Political Economy Gungwu W. Wang G. Wong J.
China's Political Economy
1997 was truly an eventful year for China, with many momentous happenings. In February of that year Deng Xiaoping passed away, thus marking the end of an era. Shortly after, the post-Deng Chinese leadership under Jiang Zemin had to mobilise great effortsto ensure the smooth resumption of sovereignty over Hong Kong on June 30....
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IO: Art of the Wired Kim H. Lee N. Ogi B. Wakaba R. Wong J.
IO: Art of the Wired
Delly Sartika This is one of the best books on digital painting that I have found. Blair Cooper, TN, United States To say that Io is the best book ever would be the understatement of the century....
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Twist: Yoga Poems Wong J.
Twist: Yoga Poems
Grade 2-5 - This collection of 16 poems touches on the uplifting and emotional aspects of yoga, putting words to the spirit of the poses and evoking the energy and feelings of the practice. Wong\'s simple verses read almost like haiku, using imagery to get to the essence of the positions, rather than teaching how to perform them....
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Fifth Chinese Daughter Wong J.
Fifth Chinese Daughter
Originally published in 1945 and now reissued with a new introduction by the author, Jade Snow Wong\'s story is one of struggle and achievements. These memoirs of the author\'s first 24 years are thoughtful, informative, and highly entertaining....
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