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Knauf C.

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Civil War: Captain America/Iron Man Brubaker E. Knauf C.
Civil War: Captain America/Iron Man
Captain America has fallen into a clash with his government and his friends, and the people close to him are paying the price. Sharon Carter\"s life is torn apart as her superiors use her divided loyalties against her. The Winter Soldier comes face-to-face with Cap, but which side will he choose?...
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Iron Man: Haunted Knauf C. Knauf D.
Iron Man: Haunted
Tony Stark\'s duties with S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Initiative take him to Omaha, Nebraska, where Iron Man encounters an old hero with a grudge, and two all-new superhumans! Collects Iron Man #21-26, Annual #1....
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Eternals: To Slay A God TPB (v. 1) Acuna D. Knauf C. Knauf D.
Eternals: To Slay A God TPB (v. 1)
The Gods Walk the Earth! In ancient times, the Celestials, a race of cosmic giants, came to Earth and created a race of powerful immortal beings: The Eternals! For a time, primitive man worshiped them as gods, but eventually they disappeared. Now, they have returned!...
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Captain America: America First Breitweiser M. Chaykin H. Knauf C. Knauf D.
Captain America: America First
One oversized collection packed with three stories that cover the length and breadth of the larger-than-life legend of Captain America! First up, it\'s 1944, and wouldn\'t you know it? Them sneaky Nazis have managed to crack the secrets of electro-magnetic physics......
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