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Breitweiser M.

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Uncanny X-Men Annual #2 Breitweiser M. Fraction M. Perez D.
Uncanny X-Men Annual #2
Emma Frost has never been a simple person, nor hasshe had a simple past. The Hellfire Club. The Hellions.Generation X. Genosha. But you haven’t seen it all. Did you know about her history with Namor? With Tony Stark? With Norman Osborn? The X-Men have often operated on the outside of the Marvel Universe; that stops now and in this annual....
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Annihilation, Book 1 Abnett D. Breitweiser M. Giffen K. Kolins S. Lanning A. Olivetti A. Walker K.
Annihilation, Book 1
The Annihilation Wave has come! Annihilus, lord of the Negative Zone, has declared war! Hordes of loyal soldiers swarm from the center of the universe, and only a handful of heroes can resist destruction! As the Xandarian Nova Corps meet its doom, only Richard Rider - the man called Nova - survives....
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Captain America: America First Breitweiser M. Chaykin H. Knauf C. Knauf D.
Captain America: America First
One oversized collection packed with three stories that cover the length and breadth of the larger-than-life legend of Captain America! First up, it\'s 1944, and wouldn\'t you know it? Them sneaky Nazis have managed to crack the secrets of electro-magnetic physics......
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