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Flynn E.

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Der Zaubertopf Flynn E.
Der Zaubertopf
Die arme kleine Grete und ihre Mutter haben sehr wenig zu essen, aber eines Tages schenkt ihnen eine freundliche alte Frau einen Zaubertopf. Dieser kocht ganz viel leckere Suppe jedes mal, wenn sie den Zauberspruch sagen! Aber eines ...
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The Magic Pot Flynn E.
The Magic Pot
Poor little Maggie and her mum have very little to eat, but one day a kind old woman gives her a magic pot which cooks lots of delicious soup whenever they say the magic words! But one day Maggie's mum forgets the magic words to stop the pot, and it cooks and cooks and cooks......
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La Poule De Monsieur Jones Flynn E.
La Poule De Monsieur Jones
Monsieur Jones a vraiment une drole de poule ! Lorsqu\"un gland tombe sur sa tete, elle est persuadee que c\"est le ciel qui tombe sur la terre ! Prise de panique, elle court le dire au roi. En chemin, elle rencontre ses amis qui decident de I\"accompagner. Mais voila que dans la foret, ils croisent un renard......
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Henny Penny Flynn E.
Henny Penny
Henny Penny is going to the village when a big acorn falls on her head from an oak tree. She thinks that the sky is falling and she runs to tell the king. Along the road she meets Cocky Locky, Ducky Lucky and other animal friends. They all join her,......
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