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Imogen I.

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These Foolish Things Imogen I. Parker P.
These Foolish Things
Alison has everything she ever dreamed of. Smart, sophisticated, married to a successful cardiologist, she\"s at the top of her career in journalism. Why, then, does she wonder if this is all there is? Ginger is just the opposite....
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This Little World Imogen I. Parker P.
This Little World
1993. The small seaside town of Kingshaven is looking picture perfect in the spring sunshine. With house prices on the move and summer on its way, there\"s much to look forward to. Then, suddenly, the peace is shattered by the explosion of ordnance that has lain buried since World War Two....
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Hospital Babylon Edwards-Jones E. Imogen I.
Hospital Babylon
Hospital Babylon is an in-depth, amusing and highly insightful expose of the extraordinary world of modern medicine. It will take the reader on a journey through the various departments and wards where babies are made, thighs are reduced, noses straightened and spare kidneys are flown in from the Indian subcontinent....
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The Time Of Our Lives Imogen I. Parker P.
The Time Of Our Lives
It is 1953. At the Coronation party at the Palace Hotel, two lives are about to change forever. Claudia - 16, beautiful, fragile and an outsider in this small seaside town,finds herself talking to Michael, also a newcomer,who is struggling with a rocky marriage....
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