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Иностранные языки. Обучение. Чтение

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Hieronymus Bosch. Visions of Genius Ilsink M.
Hieronymus Bosch. Visions of Genius
Hieronymus Bosch (1450-1516) lived and worked in \"s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands, where he created enigmatic paintings and drawings full of bizarre creatures, phantasmagoric monsters, and terrifying nightmares. He also depicted detailed......
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More Home Comforts Martin J.
More Home Comforts
More Home Comforts introduces 100 new recipes from James Martin, favourites that you will want to cook time and time again. This brand new book features super-fast Instant Comforts, including Pea and Parmesan Soup and Keralan Prawns; Sharing Comforts......
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The Untold History of the United States Stone .
The Untold History of the United States
A companion to Oliver Stone\"s ten-part Showtime documentary series in the tradition of Howard Zinn\"s \\\"People\"s History of the United States,\\\" this cutting-edge and provocative book challenges the status quo of American......
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The Force Awakens Alan D.
The Force Awakens
This is the official novelization of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the highly anticipated blockbuster film directed by J. J. Abrams, hitting cinemas in December 2015....
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Degas Growe B.
Capturing fleeting moments: Degas\"s mastery in the depiction of movementIn terms of both theme and technique, the key to understanding the early work of Edgar Degas (1834 1917) is classical painting. Although he was eventually associated with the......
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The Russian Interpreter Frayn M.
The Russian Interpreter
Raya is a mercurial Moscow blonde who speaks no English, and the affair she is embarking upon is with Gordon Proctor-Gould, a visiting British businessman who speaks no Russian. They need an interpreter; which is how Paul Manning is diverted from......
974 руб.
Love + Hate. Stories and Essays Kureishi H.
Love + Hate. Stories and Essays
Hate skews reality even more than love. In the story of a Pakistani woman who has begun a new life in Paris, an essay about the writing of Kureishi\"s acclaimed film Le Week-End, and an account of Kafka\"s relationship with his father, readers......
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Notes From Underground Dostoyevsky F.
Notes From Underground
The unnamed narrator in this novel is one of the most remarkable characters to have emerged in literature. He is one of Dostoevsky\"s most enigmatic and revolutionary creations. This classic details the passion and hatred of a 19th-century Rusian......
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Headhunters Nesbo J.
Lie. Clever, wealthy, married to a beautiful woman: Roger Brown has it all. And his sideline as an art thief keeps him busy when his job as a corporate headhunter gets dull. Steal. Then his wife introduces him to Clas Greve. Ambitious and talented,......
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Wait Till I`m Dead. Poems Uncollected Ginsberg A.
Wait Till I`m Dead. Poems Uncollected
Rainy night on Union Square, full moon. Want more poems? Wait till I\"m dead. Allen Ginsberg, August 8, 1990, 3:30 AM Allen Ginsberg wrote incessantly for more than fifty years, and many of the poems collected for the first time in this volume......
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Dragonfly in Amber Gabaldon D.
Dragonfly in Amber
This is The Second Novel In The Bestselling Outlander Series - now a major new TV series. For twenty years Claire Randall has kept her secrets. But now she is returning with her grown daughter to the majesty of Scotland\"s mist-shrouded hills.......
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Murder, She Wrote: Dying to Retire Fletcher J.
Murder, She Wrote: Dying to Retire
Jessica Fletcher is in a Florida retirement community for the funeral of a dear old friend whose heart gave out-only to discover that the woman\"s death from natural causes may have been artificially induced. With the help of a feisty group of......
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Fathers and Children Turgenev .
Fathers and Children
\\\"Fathers and Children\\\", arguably the first modern novel in the history of Russian literature, shocked readers when it was first published in 1862 - the controversial character of Bazarov, a self-proclaimed nihilist intent on rejecting all......
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Caravaggio.The First Medusa Gregori M.
Caravaggio.The First Medusa
This monograph on the version of the Medusa, which has only recently been attributed to the hand of Caravaggio by the most respected experts, recounts the process of recognition of this masterpiece....
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Nicole Kidman Tylski A.
Nicole Kidman
A comprehensive study of Nicole Kidman\"s work through the lens of ten of her most iconic roles. A new title in the popular Anatomy of an Actor series from world-renowned cinema magazine Cahiers du cinema. Australian Academy Award-winning actress......
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