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Chambers P.

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Blooming Justice Chambers P.
Blooming Justice
Erin Sampson always wanted to be an attorney like her aunt. But until she experiences a real taste of injustice, she has no idea what the legal field is all about. After being sexually harassed at the senior prom by a boy she went to school with, she finds out he has escalated from bullying to rape....
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How To Train Your Memory Chambers P.
How To Train Your Memory
Do you struggle to remember people\"s names at social events or business networking meetings? How often do you forget where you left your keys or your phone? Have you ever walked into a room and forgotten why? A leading memory expert, Phil Chambers shows you how to make these lapses a thing of the past....
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Public Speaking Made Easy Chambers P. Martin R.
Public Speaking Made Easy
Pam Chambers shares the tips she teaches to major corporations to help you present your ideas orally to an audience. You\'ll learn to overcome fears as a public speaker!...
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Body 115 Chambers P.
Body 115
In 1987 a terrible fire swept through London?s Kings? Cross Underground station killing 31 people. Within days the police had found names for all but one of the victims. the unidentified man was known to the authorities as \"Body 115\" after his mortuary number....
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