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Reece B.

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Stranger to Love Reece B.
Stranger to Love
Losing her past was the start of - everything.Marlo Saunders has escaped. After testifying against her abusive criminal of an ex-husband, Marlo has taken her young son to the safety of a quiet cottage tucked away in a cove by the sea in Maine. For the first time in her life she's face to face with tranquility . and desire....
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Levels of Truth Reece B.
Levels of Truth
The warmth of their connection was immediate,but would it be enough to keep her with him? Life doesn’t always follow an expected path. Caroline hadn’t known the house in New Jersey even existed until she inherited it. All she wanted was to learn its history and discover the truth of her own past in the process. Then she’d return to Seattle....
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Human Relations: Principles And Practices Brandt R. Reece B.
Human Relations: Principles And Practices
A brief version of Effective Human Relations, this text incorporates Reece/Brandt\'s innovative Total Person approach to the field?addressing interdependent personal traits in relation to workplace behavior....
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