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Guice B.

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Captain America: Reborn #1 Brubaker E. Guice B. Hitch B.
Captain America: Reborn #1
Captain America (Bucky Barnes version) and Black Widow break into the HAMMER Helicarrier to try and steal Arnim Zola\"s device, believing it can help them save Steve Rogers, until they are confronted by Ares and Venom. ...
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Thor. God of Thunder Volume 2. Godbomb Guice B.
Thor. God of Thunder Volume 2. Godbomb
Somewhere at the end of the time, all the gods of the universe are enslaved, working to build a machine that will forever change the face of creation. What is the Godbomb? And what can Thor do to stop it? While Gorr\'s master plan continues to unfold, all hope for divinity is lost when Thor finds himself in chains alongside his fellow gods....
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