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Sampath V.

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Accounting All??“in??“One For Dummies Boyd K. Epstein L. Holtzman M. Kass??“Shraibman F. Loughran M. Sampath V.
Accounting All??“in??“One For Dummies
9 books in 1 Setting Up Your Accounting System Recording Accounting Transactions Adjusting and Closing Entries Preparing Income Statements and Balance Sheets Reporting on Your Financial Statements Planning and Budgeting for Your Business M...
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FPGA Based Intrusion Detection Sampath V.
FPGA Based Intrusion Detection
PLD,FPGA,CPU,PROCESSOR,LAN,ETHERNET,INTERNET,TCP/IPMPLD,CPLD,PGA,MEMORY,NIC,MAXIMUM TRANSMISSION UNIT,LATENCY,THROUGHPUT,OS,PAP,MEDIUM ACCESS CONTROL,IPV4,IPV6,PHY Physical Layer PLD Programmable Logic Devices PNI Programmable Network Interface PP Protocol Processor PPP Programmable Protocol Processor QoS Quality of Service SAN Storage Area Network...
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