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Jody L.

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If We Had Known Jody L. Mike M. Robert G.
If We Had Known
Beyond the Cradle of mankind, the universe is vast, unknown, dangerous to the unwary…or those caught in the path of intrepid explorers proceeding without forethought.Thirteen authors explore what it is to pioneer the future in tales fraught with danger and remorse, tempered with hope, luck, and serendipity. We face the monsters. We face the truth....
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Galaxy`s Edge Magazine. Issue 17, November 2015 David D. Jody L.
Galaxy`s Edge Magazine. Issue 17, November 2015
A Magazine of Science Fiction and FantasyISSUE 17: November 2015Mike Resnick, EditorJean Rabe, Assistant EditorShahid Mahmud, PublisherStories by: Josh Vogt, Sabina Theo, David Drake, Eric Cline, Jody Lynn Nye, Eric T. Reynolds, Paul Di Filippo, Alvaro Zinos-Amaro, David G. Blake, Pat Cadigan, Stewart C....
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Mythology Abroad Jody L.
Mythology Abroad
Keith Doyle, business major at Midwestern University, with an unofficial minor in mystical studies and magic overseen by his Little Folk friends, flies off to spend the summer on an educational tour of archaeological sites of the British Isles and Ireland with his best friend, Holl....
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A Circle of Celebrations. The Complete Edition Jody L.
A Circle of Celebrations. The Complete Edition
Celebrations help us to mark moments in time that are meaningful, some for religious reasons, others cultural and historical. New York Times bestselling author Jody Lynn Nye has written about holidays from many points of view, in this world, in another; in the past, present and future....
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The Magic Touch Jody L.
The Magic Touch
"Every child deserves one miracle," is the motto of the Fairy Godmothers Union. Raymond Crandall is skeptical whether he wants to be a part of something that sounds so hokey, but his Grandma Eustatia insisted he join....
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Higher Mythology Jody L.
Higher Mythology
Holl, Keith Doyle's best friend, has finally tied the knot with his beloved, Maura in the Little Folks' new home, Hollow Tree Farm....
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Advanced Mythology Jody L.
Advanced Mythology
Keith Doyle has made it to graduate school! In between classes and hanging out with his magical friends, the Little Folk, he has a new job as a copywriter for PDQ advertising agency, working on a campaign for a revolutionary electronic device. His plans for the party to end all parties on Hollow Tree Farm are coming along nicely....
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Pros and Cons Bill F. Jody L.
Pros and Cons
Attending your first convention as a professional writer? Don't know what opportunities are out there for you? How do you get invited? How do you approach editors? How do you deal with fans who love your book and those who haven't read it yet? Jody Lynn Nye and Bill Fawcett have answers to the questions you don't even know you have....
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Launch Pad Jody L. Kevin R. Mike B.
Launch Pad
Humanity is coming up against the limits of the physical world-but the imaginations of the writers in this anthology reach far beyond those boundaries. The Launch Pad Astronomy Seminar aims to bring more hard science into science fiction. These twelve stories look into our future and find humor, pathos, grand determination, and genuine courage....
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Live Your Dream . Never Stop Dreaming. Never Stop Dreaming Jody L.
Live Your Dream . Never Stop Dreaming. Never Stop Dreaming
Live Your Dream & Never Stop Dreaming is aimed to motivate a person into going ahead and pursuing their worst fear, which is their dream, without having any more doubt about what the person can do or worrying about how they are going to do it.Just start and make it happen, and watch it come together....
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